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Committee Selection Scholarships



Established to honor the late Lou Brock, a Stafford High School graduate, who went on to become a professional football player with the Green Bay Packers.  Awarded the first time in 1989-90 school year.

ELIGIBILITY:  Senior at SHS who plans to attend a vocational, two-year or four-year college.  Must have been involved in at least one sport during senior year at SHS.  Must have demonstrated outstanding positive attitude, team spirit, moral and inspirational qualities.  Recipient should demonstrate a love for and appreciation of teamwork, competition, and personal accomplishments.

APPLICATION PROCESS:  No application is made; SHS coaches make the selection.

AWARD AMOUNT:  $100, one-time award.  A check made payable to the school attended will be mailed directly to the institution upon proof of enrollment.


James D Garey graduated from Stafford High School in 1949.  Served four years in the US Navy.  Graduated from KSU in 1957. James was a farmer and stockman.  He married Clarice Clair in October 9, 1958.

Clarice Clair Garey graduated from St. John High School in 1952.  She attended the University of Kansas City in the School of Nursing.  Clarice graduated in 1955.  She worked at the Stafford District Hospital for 38 years as a Surgical Nurse and 17 years as the Director of Nursing.

Children of James and Clarice were Gail E. Garey and James Clair Garey.  Gail graduated from Stafford High School in 1979 and James graduated from Stafford High School in 1985.

This scholarship was established in 1977 to honor James D. Garey and his interest in the Stafford High School athletic program. In 2005, the scholarship was revised to include the memory of Jim’s and Clarice’s son, James C. Garey.  At that time, the eligibility was expanded to include music students as well as student athletes.  In 2019, the scholarship has been updated to include Clarice’s maiden name and history.

ELIGIBILITY: SHS graduate who has most contributed to promoting the athletic or music program through participation and positive spirit.  The emphasis is not upon excelling in athletics or music; rather, it is upon optimistic attitude.

APPLICATION PROCESS:  No application is made, with the nomination and selection process to be conducted by the athletic coaches and music instructor.

AWARD AMOUNT:  $400, two semester award.  A check for $200 made payable to the school attended will be mailed directly to the institution upon proof of enrollment.  A second check will be mailed to the institution upon proof that the student maintained a 2.5 or better grade point average first semester.